Oct 1

Lunch: Tossed Salad, Ham or Meat balls with egg noodles, bay carrots applesauce & cookie (dessert)

Dinner: Chicken noodle soup, Luncheon meat or Grilled Ruben with Mac & Cheese, Ice cream sundae (dessert)


Oct 2
Tomato Juice, Roast Beef or Meat Pie, mashed potatoes, baby carrots, ice cream sundaes (dessert)
Dinner: Minestrone soup, Chicken salad or Ham sandwich and Banana pudding (dessert)

Oct 3
Side salad, Tomato Juice, Turkey with dressing or Meat pie, mashed potato, squash, Fresh melon (dessert)
Dinner: Chicken rice Soup, Salmon or Cheese & lettuce sandwich and Pumpkin pie (dessert)

Oct 4
Tossed Salad, Beef Stroganoff or Pork kabob/rice, mashed potato, peas, Pears (dessert)
Dinner: Cream of chicken soup, Egg salad sandwich or Salad Plate and Pineapple upside down cake (dessert)

Oct 5
Tossed Salad, Meat loaf or Turkey schnitzel, mashed potato, baby carrots,  Fruit cocktail (dessert)
Dinner:, Vegetable beef soup, salmon salad or Luncheon meat sandwich and Toc. Pudding (dessert)

Oct 6
Tossed Salad, Chicken breast or Corned beef & cabbage, Boiled potato, green beans, Peaches (dessert)

Dinner: Tomato Soup, Ham Sandwich or Fruit plate and Date square (dessert)


Oct 7

Lunch: Beef Vegetable Soup, Cheese or Egg Salad Sandwich, Fruit (dessert)

Dinner: Chicken Strips, French Fries, Pumpkin Pie (dessert)


Oct 8

Lunch:  Farmers Sausage or Veal, Scalloped Potatoes, Peas, Jell-O (dessert)

Dinner:  Cream of Mushroom Soup, Ham or Tuna Sandwich, Butter Tarts (Dessert)


Oct 9

Lunch: Tossed Salad, Meat Pie or Spaghetti and Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Rice Pudding (dessert)

Dinner: Minestrone Soup, Chicken salad or Ham sandwich and Banana pudding (dessert)


Oct 10

Lunch:  Tomato Juice, Ham or Chicken Breast, Mashed potato, baby carrots, Apple Pie (dessert)

Dinner: Cream of Tomato, Salmon or Cheddar cheese sandwich, Pie (dessert)


Oct 11

Lunch: Tossed Salad, Lasagna or Meat pie, Mashed Potato, Peas, Peaches (dessert)

Dinner: Beef Barley Soup, Ham salad or Luncheon Meat Sandwich, Applesauce (dessert)


Oct 12

Lunch:  Tomato Juice, Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potato, Squash and Pumpkin Pie (dessert)

Dinner: Cream of Mushroom Soup, Salmon salad or roast beef Sandwich and Tapioca (dessert)


Oct 13

Lunch: Tomato & cucumber slices, Salad, Beef Tips in gravy, noodles or Farmer sausage with sauerkraut, peas, Pears (dessert)

Dinner: Italian Wedding Soup, Corned Beef or Mini Sub, Jell-O Cake (dessert)


Oct 14

Lunch:  Family BBQ Hamburgers, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Ice cream sundae (dessert)

Dinner: Cream of Cauliflower Soup, Ham salad or Turkey Sandwich and Turnover (dessert)


Oct 15

Lunch: Tossed Salad, Shepherd’s Pie or Sweet and Sour Pork with Rice, Peas and Pears (dessert)

Dinner: Cream of mushroom Soup, Tuna Noodle Bake with Dinner Roll or Chicken Salad Sandwich, Butter Tarts (dessert)


Oct 16

Lunch: Salad, Shrimp and Baked Potato or Chicken Parmesan Roll up, Mashed potato, Turnip and Pears (dessert)

Dinner: Country Vegetable Soup, Egg Salad or Ham Sandwich and Chocolate Pudding (dessert)


Oct 17

Lunch: Salad, Corn beef & Cabbage or Hot Turkey, Corn and Fruit Cocktail (dessert)

Dinner: Cream of Chicken Soup, Beans and Wieners or Summer Sausage Sandwich and Date Square (dessert)


Oct 18

Lunch: Salad, Egg Roll, Sweet & Sour Pork, Rice and Apple Sauce (desert)

Dinner: Hamburger Macaroni Soup, Salmon or cheddar Cheeses Sandwich and Jell-O Cake (dessert)


Oct 19

Lunch: BBQ Hamburger or Hot dogs, Chips, Potato Salad and Ice-cream (dessert)

Dinner:  Fruit Plate or Luncheon Meat Sandwich, Cherry Tart (dessert)


Oct 20

Lunch: Salad, Breaded Pork chop or Chicken Leg, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Fresh Fruit (dessert)

Dinner: Chicken Noodle Soup, Egg Salad or Ham Sandwich and Apple Crisp (dessert)


Oct 21

Lunch: Salad, Ham and Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes or Turkey Schnitzel with Buttered Noodles, Squash and Cherry Pie (dessert)

Dinner: Wedding Soup, Salmon on a Croissant or Cheddar Cheese Sandwich and Peaches (dessert)


Oct 22

Lunch: Tossed Salad, Chicken Leg or Pork Drummies, Asparagus and Pudding (dessert)

Dinner: Cream of Mushroom Soup, Toasted Bacon and Tomato Sandwich or Salad Plate and Applesauce Cake (dessert)


Oct 23

Lunch: Tossed Salad, Cottage Cheese, Penne with Meat Sauce or Soufflé, Baby Carrots and Pears (dessert)

Dinner: Beef and Barley Soup, Chicken Salad or Summer Sausage Sandwich and Blue Berry Tart (dessert)


Oct 24

Lunch: Tossed Salad, Sweet Sour Pork and Rice or Turkey Schnitzel with Noodles or Farmer’s, Peas and Plums (dessert)

Dinner: Chili and Toast or Grilled Reuben, Cream of chicken soup and Carrot Cake (dessert)


Oct 25

Lunch: Tomato Juice, Roast Turkey & Stuffing Mashed Potatoes, Squash, Pumpkin Pie (dessert)

Dinner: Chicken rice soup, Egg salad or Corned beef sandwich and Mandarin oranges (desert)


Oct 26

Lunch: Tossed Salad, Cottage Cheese, Fish with Baked Potato or Salisbury Steak with Fried Onions and Gravy, Corn and Ice Cream (dessert)

Dinner: Cream of Chicken Soup, Chicken Salad or Pizza Casserole and Jell-O Cake (dessert)


Oct 27

Lunch: Salad, Farmers Sausage or Chicken Breast, Beets and Peaches (dessert)

Dinner: Beef Noodle Soup, Egg Salad or Luncheon Meat Sandwich and Chocolate Cake (dessert)


Oct 28

Lunch: Coleslaw, Fish or Veal Parm. Corn and Ice Cream (dessert)

Dinner: Salad plate or Cream of Celery Soup, Hot Dog and Apple crisp (dessert)


Oct 29

Lunch: Salad, Chicken Pot Pie or Veal Parm, Mashed Potato, Green Beans and Fruit Cocktail (dessert)

Dinner: Cream of Celery Soup, Ham Salad or Salami Sandwich, Dessert Cooks Choice


Oct 30

Lunch: Salad, Fish or Meatballs with Gravy, Peas and Carrots, Ice Cream (dessert)

Dinner: Sloppy Jo with Onion rings or Assorted Sub with Chops, Jell-O (dessert)


Oct 31

Lunch: Brains & Eye Balls(Spaghetti & Meat Balls) or Maggot Patties(Fish), Skelton Bones and Mud (Chocolate Pudding) with fingers(Cookies)

Supper: Witches Brew (Chili) with Tea biscuit or Yummy worm soup (Chicken Noodle) with Chicken Feet Sandwich (Egg salad)